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 Rules of the Game

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Rules of the Game Empty
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Teams must contain 10 wrestlers including at least 1 Diva
Wrestlers are valued by their star power
Players have 820 stars to create their roster
Players are only allowed to make 1 free change after each PPV
Any other changes cost 5 points each
If a wrestler is released that's in your roster then you are allowed a free change to replace that wrestler
The game goes from after Wrestlemania to Summerslam, after Summerslam to Survivor Series, after Survivor Series to Royal Rumble and after Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania.
Points are reset to zero after each quarter.
Gameweeks run from Raw to Smackdown. Weeks including a PPV will be Raw, ECW, Superstars, Smackdown and the PPV.
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Rules of the Game
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